Dragon statues for sale

Looking for dragon statue? Well you wont find any place better than here. Many unique dragon statues for sale these days but we will help you decide on one. We see many and selected the best for you to see. We hope you find one you like and one that meets your requirements. Without further ado lets begin shall we?

Dragon Statues for sale

Dimensions: 16.5"Wx7"Dx15"H 7 lbs.
Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin
Each piece is individually hand-painted in a Gothic stone finish
Exclusive to the Design Toscano brand and perfect for your home or garden
Intricately carved from horned head to curved, barbed tail
Current Price
Dimensions: 9"Wx11"Dx17"H 5 lbs.
Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin
Takes one 40 watt bulb or CFL/LED equivalent
Convenient switch on cord
Current Price
Dimensions: 10"Wx10"Dx16.5"H 5 lbs.
Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin
Each piece is individually hand-painted by our artisans
Takes 1 x 25w candelabra bulb
Current Price
Dimensions: 16"Wx12"Dx41"H 27 lbs.
Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin
Each piece is individually hand-painted in a faux stone finish
Exclusive to the Design Toscano brand and perfect for your home or garden
Current Price
Dimensions: 108.5"Wx52.5"Dx78.5"H 198 lbs
Cast in quality designer resin
Hand painted
Full color finish
Design Toscano exclusive
Current Price

Chinese Dragons are connected with a pearl of knowledge either seeking after it, or held in the mouth, under the button, or in the hooks. This gleaming pearl is said to be their wellspring of otherworldly powers and of course, winged powerful dragons secure it furiously. Regarding the Chinese mythical beast and the pearl has been known as the picture of thunder, of the moon, of the sun, of the egg token of the double impacts of nature, and the pearl of possibility.

The Chinese Dragon is an image of wonderful force and intelligence. It is the image of awesome insurance. It is viewed as the Supreme Being among all animal sanctuaries and places of worship have been assembled to respect them. Chinese Dragons control the downpour, waterways, lakes, and oceans. Being the awesome legendary creature, the Dragon can avoid meandering shrewdness spirits, secure the pure and offer wellbeing to all. Chinese Dragons are looked upon as a definitive image of Good Fortune. It can live in the oceans, fly up the sky and looped up in the area as mountains. Numerous Chinese urban communities have pagodas where individuals used to copy incense and implore winged powerful dragons.

The inclination of Western society is to speak to winged powerful dragons as furious evil spirits out to obliterate everything in their way, however in the Orient, a feng shui mythical beast is viewed as a to a great degree intense defender, it speaks to achievement, riches, success, influence, good fortunes in affection, and otherworldly development. The mythical powerful dragon is a vital image in feng shui on the grounds that it is accepted to make valuable heavenly Chi and bring favourable luck into our homes and work environments. The Wawel Dragon statue can be seen in Poland.

Chinese Dragon symbol evolved during the early ages

Albeit nobody truly knows the sources of famous dragon legend in China, specialists do concede to where the image of the winged powerful dragon began. The winged powerful dragon image developed from the seals utilized by the old tribes of China. Archaeologists don’t concur, then again, on whether the winged powerful dragon originated from the image of a fish and a crocodile. Most Chinese legends, craftsmanship, people stories, and archaeological finds bolster each of the speculations with most specialists supporting the hypothesis of the fish. Those that trust mythical beasts advanced from crocodiles contrast the crocodile’s capacity with sense coming precipitation or the adjustments in gaseous tension to the winged powerful dragon’s capacity to change the climate.

As legend reveals an ordinary carp once saw a tall mountain and needed to visit it. The decided fish came swimming upstream, over the unending waterfalls and passing through rapids to achieve the mountain. The carp happened upon a legendary Dragon Gate, effectively jumped over it and turned into a mythical beast. Chinese mythical powerful dragons are emphatically connected with moving water, for example, streams, seas and unending waterfalls. The dragons are known as the rulers of moving water.

The famous Wawel’s Dragon in Poland

On the highest point of the Wawel slope in Krakow there is a bombastic mansion – a habitation of Polish rulers since the Middle Ages. The Wawel Royal Castle is presumably the most conspicuous vacation destination in Krakow, as well as in Poland. The legend of the Wawel Dragon makes Krakow much more appealing.

At the foot of the slope there is a hole which was at one time a medieval motel and house of ill-repute. These days it is a vacation spot from the earliest starting point of May until the end of October, yet it is shut amid the winter time because of threat of slipping on frigid stairs inside. Close to the passage to the hollow we can respect a stone mythical beast statue breathing out flame at regular intervals! The statue was planned by a popular provincial stone worker in 1972. By legend, this hollow was possessed once by a mythical powerful dragon.

Largest dragon statue was built by China

The Ancestral Dragon, whose halfway finished head rises 30 feet over the ground in Henan territory, was done in 2009 to check the 60th commemoration of the People’s Republic’s establishing. The 13-mile metal structure is expected as a traveller destination that will wind its way along a roundabout gathering of slopes north of the city. It houses exhibitions in which guests can, for a charge, have their names and different messages engraved.

Utilize mythical powerful dragons in feng shui

Mythical powerful dragons are viewed as the most effective blessing you can provide for a friend or family member, since they are images of force and cherish and ooze positive vitality and power. From magnificent statues and brilliant artworks to calligraphy scrolls and nitty gritty drawings, every Chinese famous dragon image speaks to the force of the favourable legendary animal and the grandiose sheng chi it discharges through every breath. We ought to utilize the figure of the mythical beast to empower equalization in our lives and the space that encompasses us. Monsters are solid, capable Feng Shui images and ooze male vitality. Winged powerful dragons have an extremely solid Yang vitality and they will actuate the Chi of the room they are set in, so you will be in an ideal situation putting them in your family room or lounge area, and not in your room, since that exceptionally same Yang vitality won’t permit you to rest gently.

The Dragon is one of the four Celestial Animals and thus, it would be entirely useful to have them around the house, as one of the basic images of feng shui. The winged powerful dragon is an image of quality, insurance and success. It can shield one from destructive vitality in life. The famous dragon can be continued the work area to bring The Luck of the Dragon. It is to be kept in the eastern course, particularly in workplaces and work ranges. Nonetheless, the mythical powerful dragon ought not to be kept in the room range, for its vitality can be troublesome. While a mythical beast made of artistic would in any case be effective, the most intense famous dragon images are the ones that are cut out of wood. One ought to likewise keep away from metal winged powerful dragons.

Whether you pick a work of art, drawing, statue or calligraphy scroll, bringing a Chinese winged powerful dragon image into your home or office will upgrade the sheng chi and give you the security and force of the daring spirit.

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