Elephant statues for sale

If you’re trying to find elephant statues look no further. Here we went through many and gathered the best here for you to decide. We seen a plethora so we had to pick through a lot. We are sure you can see one you like and meet your standards. Lets get going and you can let us know in the comments below.

Elephant statues for sale

Dimensions: 15"Wx4.5"Dx9"H 11 lbs.
Quality foundry cast iron collectible crafted using age old techniques
Each piece is individually hand-finished by our artisans
Exclusive to the Design Toscano brand and perfect for your home or garden
Bronze patina finish
Current Price
Dimensions: 15l" x 15w" x 15h"
The rustic carvings and sculpting on this accessory makes it a smart table top to be kept
Current Price
13 1/2 in. X 14 1/2 in. X 10 in.
Cold Cast Resin
Lantern Powered by 2 AA batteries
Current Price
Dimensions: 12.5"Wx5.5"Dx10"H 2 lbs.
Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin
Each piece is individually hand-finished by our artisans
Exclusive to the Design Toscano brand and perfect for your home or garden
The beautiful floral and geometric designs in jali art impart a uniquely majestic look
Current Price
Perfect gift for those that love Eastern Enlightenment
Great craftmanship.
Measurement: H: 25.25 x W: 17 x D: 16
Material: Cold Cast Bronze
Current Price

The concept bring best of luck includes a long history. The elephant stands for strength, energy, stability and knowledge. Elephant statues are popular worldwide. It’s quite common superstition that the elephant carving or picture must always face the doorway if you wish to bring best of luck in to the house. Additionally, it safeguards the house when facing the doorway ensuring only fortune goes through. Many business proprietors in Asia could have a handful of elephants through the entrance from the building. They are thought to supply stability and knowledge to the organization and therefore safeguarding the organization from ill fortunes. Likewise two small sculptures within the entrance hall of the private home bring understanding, durability and success in to the home. In fact The Elephant House in Toronto, Canada has a elephant statue in the front yard.
The origin- Airavata
Indra is really an effective god in Hinduism. He’s the god that controls lightning and thunder. Indra is god from the rain and protector from the East. He carries the vajra that is a thunderbolt scepter. Indra may be the patron god of players. He’s the best choice from the gods from the paradise known as the Devas. Indra resides in Svarga, a location within the clouds surrounding Mount Meru. Mount Meru is really a golden mountain in Hindu mythology where all the most crucial deities their very own celestial Kingdoms. Enthusiasts join them when they watch for their next reincarnation. Airavata may be the title from the sacred whitened elephant owned by Indra. Airavata may be the king of tigers. This elephant pads the doorway of Svarga where Indra lives. Elephants are connected with rain and water. Airavata is frequently just known as “The elephant from the clouds”. It’s Airavata who controls the rain clouds. Airavata is married for an elephant known as Abharamu.
Erawan – The 3 Headed Elephant of Thailand may be the greatest statue
In Thailand Airavata elephant is known as Erawan. Erawan is most frequently proven being an elephant with three heads and because of this known as “The three-headed elephant”. Erawan was the primary feature around the flag of Laos from 1952 – 1975. In Bangkok, Thailand people of areas of society go to the outside Erawan Shrine to request permanently luck. This area is busy day and evening. Erawan Shrine This shrine is devoted towards the four-faced Brahma God named Than Tao Mahaprom. The 4 faces represent his four great benefits: kindness, whim, sympathy and justness. Students come asking to pass through their exams, business owners come requesting success within their profession, people requesting something they are waiting for. Take your pick this is actually the “go to” spot to seek fortune within their lives. If you want, you are able to pay a dancer to bop while you request for which you want. This might strengthen an optimistic outcome. If your request is granted, the individual will show gratitude. They’ll go back to the Erawan Shrine supplying a wooden elephant, flowers or food.
People buy and use them because
1. Getting best of luck in to the home Place a statue of the elephant, or a set of elephants, in front door facing inward to signal best of luck and benefits entering the house.
2. Protection Place an elephant out to safeguard the house and also to prevent losing chi in the home.
3. Promote love and fidelity – Display a set of elephants within the bed room to advertise love and loyalty from a couple…
4. Connecting between mother and child Place a statue of the mother elephant and her baby, symbolic of the romance and connecting from a mother and her children, inside your Family or Children section to bolster the text.
5. Fertility Place an elephant statue near the mattress or convey a pair, one on each side from the bed room door, to welcome in “infant” energy.
6. Understanding and academic success Place a statue inside your child’s bed room, with their desk, or wherever s/he is doing homework. The elephant stands for understanding and academic success.
7. Energize the job area Place and put it close to the door or even the Career place to represent knowledge and energy.
Programs: How to place the Elephant Statue
You will find many programs of using elephants in feng shui with respect to the material from the elephant and it is positioning in your home or office. The next are the more prevalent programs.
Putting a statue of the elephant in front door brings best of luck, protection and strength towards the household. These are occasionally known to as having numerous benefits. Most feng shui professionals think that these must have their trunks facing upwards as that signifies wealth, best of luck and victory. Others think that using their trunks facing downward represent durability and conception.
Another utilization is really as parents and suppressors from the household. They enable you to keep your forces that you simply attract and keep indoors. The elephants behave as housekeepers because they guard the doorway and bar the chi energy from departing.
One displayed within the bed room encourages love and loyalty between a couple. The statues may also be put into research or office to boost the romance between couples.
A statue of the mother and her baby is really as indication of the romance and connecting from a mother and her children and placing one out of your loved ones or children sector can make that bond more powerful
Couples that wish to have a young child should place the statues within their bed room, denoting fertility. Frequently a statue or several can be used within the bed room to activate chi energy for fertility since in feng shui the amount seven signifies children. A baby and mother statue may also be used to represent fertility.
Using elephant symbols to create understanding and academic success to children is an additional feng shui application of these magnificent animals. Convey a statue inside your child’s bed room, on her behalf desk or wherever she does homework.
Based upon the fabric the symbolic consists of, you can use it inside a specific atmosphere to offer the proper balance of elements. Elephants which are holding or supporting an item, like a very, may also be used to balance the weather in line with the object they’re holding.
Putting a statue of the frog with an elephant within the North encourages career stability.

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